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Launch an Industry-Led Internship Program in Your Community

Are businesses in your community continually struggling to find talent? Are you from a rural town that has trouble attracting young professionals? Are you committed to developing new workforce strategies? 

Based off of the successful McMinnville WORKS Internship Program, MEDP has created Oregon WORKS to help rural communities in Oregon launch industry-led internship programs in their own communities! We are seeking community applicants from organizations in rural communities across Oregon to host one-day workshops with industry partners. These workshops will prepare the host communities and attendees to launch their own internship programs in the summer of 2020. 

Interested? Participating communities must:

  • Be located in Oregon
  • Have a population under 35,000
  • Be available to host a day-long community workshop in the spring of 2019

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Workshop Details

Past Oregon WORKS Workshops

What Oregon WORKS Provides for Workshop Hosts:

  • An instructor and all instructional materials (workbook, activities, a flash drive with resources) for a one day, 7-hour training in your community
  • Access to a network of WORKS Internship Programs
  • Pre and Post-workshop support

Requirements for Workshop Hosts: 

  • Manage all event logistics: location, RSVPs, food, emails with participants, etc. 
  • Lead community outreach and marketing efforts to get 20 participants (16 participants (80%) need to be from Industry) in the room
  • Participate in pre-workshop and post-workshop coaching to ensure the workshop runs smoothly and you're prepared to launch an internship program in 2020

Due to a generous grant from The Ford Family Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon WORKS is able to offer the four workshops taught by a skilled professional, all of the workshop materials, and the coaching sessions free of charge to participating communities. 

 Timeline and Important Dates: 

Nov 13, 2018 

Applications open for communities to host a workshop in the spring of 2019

Jan 11, 2019

Applications close for communities to host a workshop in the spring of 2019

Jan 31, 2019

Four communities selected to host workshops

Feb - Apr 2019

Pre-workshop planning and coaching meetings with host communities (marketing, logistics, etc.)

May - Jun 2019                        

Oregon WORKS workshops will take place in four rural Oregon communities

Jul - Sep 2019

Post-session feedback, coaching, and support 

Apply to Host a Workshop in your community!

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The Background 


The mission of the McMinnville WORKS Internship Program is simple: To attract and grow talent through an industry-led internship program that benefits companies, interns, and the community. Since the beginning of the program in 2013 over 80 young professionals from across the state (and country) have come to McMinnville for the experience, learning, and connections provided by the McMinnville WORKS Internship Program. Our industry partners have found new employees and an enhanced local talent pool. Our community has been revitalized by the cohorts of young people who see themselves putting down roots in McMinnville. 

Based on this success, MEDP created Oregon WORKS - a scalable, "plug and play" internship model that can deliver the same benefits to industry, students, and communities across the state. We launched Oregon WORKS in 2017 and have seen three separate "WORKS" programs grow and prosper throughout our state. We are seeking four rural communities in Oregon who are eager to learn how to develop and launch their own "WORKS" program.

Workshop Objectives:
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the "triple bottom line" of an Oregon WORKS Program to industry, students, and the broader community
  • Articulate the importance of an industry-led internship program
  • Access resources and a network of other participating communities 
  • Recruit and effectively engage an industry-led steering committee
  • Compare the Oregon WORKS internship model to traditional internship models
  • Market a new Oregon WORKS program based on best practices 
  • Map out a community internship pilot program 
  • Set your host sites, interns, and program organizers up for success
  • Assign roles and responsibilities within your community to launch a WORKS program in summer 2020
  • Develop an actionable timeline in order to launch a WORKS program in summer 2020

WORKS Internship Programs and Affiliate Programs across Oregon:

Questions? Looking for more information? Email us at

Apply to Host a Workshop in your community!

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