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Cutting the red tape

Bright futures don’t happen by accident – it takes hard work. MIP has been helping manufacturing businesses succeed since 1954.

McMinnville Industrial Promotions (MIP) understands manufacturing and business because we are IN business – we purchase, develop, own and sell industrial properties in McMinnville. If you are thinking about McMinnville for your relocation or expansion, give us a call – we are ready to help develop your next step.  

 Meggitt Polymers and Composites

Meggitt Polymers and Composites has long successful history with MIP.

The McMinnville Industrial Promotions (MIP) is a group of long-time community members and savvy business leaders who are ready to help newcomers and existing businesses access facilities, permits, and professional services. MIP understands the details that are integral to the success of a startup, expansion or relocation. MIP currently owns a number of buildings and properties within the McMinnville city limits that are ready to lease, purchase or build-to-suit.

 Betty Lou's Inc.

MIP recently helped Betty Lou’s Inc. expand into our industrial park.

MIP works collaboratively with the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership, McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of McMinnville, and Business Oregon to help McMinnville’s businesses continue to grow.

Certified Site

MIP's 26-acre certified site in the McMinnville Industrial Park


MIP owns several other properties that are ready to be leased or sold


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The history of McMinnville Industrial Promotions


Meet the directors of MIP


We are removing obstacles

MIP recognizes that a bright future starts with the ability to overcome the obstacles facing any new start-up, relocation or expansion. At MIP we help pave the way for manufacturing businesses to relocate or expand in McMinnville, Oregon, so business owners can take action and succeed. The services of our volunteer Board of Directors are free of charge.

26-acre site 

How do we live up to the promise of removing obstacles? We get the groundwork done for you.  A perfect example is MIP’s Orchard Avenue certified  26 acre site – it’s shovel-ready in 180 days – and it's available today for purchase or build-to-suit.  The time-consuming site work, such as environmental studies and utility hook-up arrangements, has already been done so you can break ground without delay.

Contact us

If you’re considering starting, relocating or expanding a business in the Pacific Northwest, we invite you to consider McMinnville, Oregon. Contact us and we can help get you the information you need to make your decision.

Doug Hurl, MIP President
Phone: 503-434-8097

MIP's History

Business leaders helping business leaders–this is the history and vision of McMinnville Industrial Promotions.

MIP Since 1954

MIP has been helping grow business since the early 1950s.

Faced with a devastating economic crisis in 1953–loss of 300 jobs and several plant closures–a local group of 45 business and professional leaders pledged their own money to attract new businesses to McMinnville. These were leaders who were not only concerned with business success, but with the health and vitality of their community. They knew economic stability was important to strengthening their overall community and would provide greater opportunities for the future.

MIP began as a nonprofit organization, and in 1955 expanded to a community corporation. The following year it progressed to a for-profit with the same important mission–to attract new industry to McMinnville. Today, a volunteer Board freely shares their expertise and insight on behalf of a stronger and more stable economic climate for all.

 Early McMinnville

MIP was the first industrial development company in the Pacific Northwest to qualify for Small Business Administration funds. It was recognized by Governor Tom McCall when nine different industrial projects broke ground in McMinnville in 1969–the result of MIP’s “9 for 69” effort. MIP also formed a unique partnership with the City to acquire a $770,000 federal economic development grant to establish the city’s major industrial park infrastructure in 1983. Today, MIP continues to collaborate with others who share their mission and lead the effort to work toward a bright future.

MIP Board of Directors

Members of MIP’s Board of Directors live and work in McMinnville and all share in MIP’s focus–that economic stability is key to strengthening the overall community and leads to greater manufacturing and business opportunities for the future.

Toni Chodrick
Retired, Oregon Mutual Insurance
Corporate Secretary, MIP Board
MIP Board Member since 1996

Carol Granger
Retired, Les’ Appliance
Immediate Past President, MIP Board
MIP Board Member since 1994

Doug Hurl
President, MIP Board
MIP Board Member since 1994

Ken Patton
Retired, General Manager, Hewlett Packard
MIP Board Member since 1983

Alan Roodhouse
Developer, RPS Development Company
MIP Board Member since 2003

Allan Larsen
Larsen Motors
MIP Board Member since 2013

John McKeegan
General Counsel, Linfield College
MIP Board Member since 2013

Skip Huwaldt
Retired, Insurance Agent
MIP Board since 2013

MIP Attorney
Tom Tankersley
Tankersley, Wright, & Strunk, LLC

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