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MEDP Event Programming:

MEDP produces events and programs in line with our mission and in support of our three strategic efforts:  McMinnville MADE - Promoting the growth and success of local businesses and industries, McMinnville WORKS - Connecting companies with innovative workforce solutions, and McMinnville SITES - Helping companies expand or locate in McMinnville.

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McMinnville MADE Logo

Annual McMinnville | MADE Awards Ceremony

Held annually in October in conjunction with National Manufacturing Day, MEDP celebrates the makers of our community at an annual award ceremony.

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NEXT Strategic Solutions Seminars for Advanced Manufacturing

MEDP established new programming in 2017 to support and help answer our traded sector business needs.

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Manufacturing Tours 

MEDP has coordinated tours of our local manufacturing businesses throughout the years in conjunction with National Manufacturing Day for government officials, business leaders, college and educational entities.

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Tech Bytes 

In order to enhance and support MEDP's efforts to foster family wage job growth under our Tech Terroir campaign: Growing Technology in Oregon's Wine Country, we established a networking event for local and regional technology related companies and individuals in the summer of 2017.

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McMinnville WORKS Internship Program

MEDP's McMinnville WORKS Internship Program is celebrating it's 5th year of success 'growing our own' workforce.

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Educational Manufacturing Tours

MEDP partnered with the McMinnville School District to hold six tours of three local manufacturing businesses for Middle School and High School Students in the spring of 2017.

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Job Fairs 

MEDP supports regional and local efforts to create job fairs by partnering with such organizations as Chambers of Commerce, WorkSource Oregon, Incite and local educational institutions. These efforts includeHigh School Job Fairs, Career Fairs, etc.

McMinnville SITES Logo

Site Development Opportunity Tours

Site Development Opportunity Tours are continually offered for people who have an interest in property opportunities in our community.

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Interested in a specific event or have an idea for one? Contact: Heather Hadley Blank, Program Manager, MEDP | 971.241.8777

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