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MEDP: Employment Data - McMinnville, Oregon

Please complete the following form with your company's employment statistics by December 15, 2017.

This is completely confidential and MEDP will only use this as a means of aggregate data collection for tracking our community-wide numbers over time.

Please enter current numbers for the end of 2017:
# of FTE Employees:
# of Part-time Employees:
# of Employees that make $10-$11/hr:
# of Employees that make $12-$14/hr:
# of Employees that make $15 or more/hr annually:
# of Open Positions, currently:
How do you market your positions and where? 
2018 Anticipated Growth:
# of new positions to be added in the next 12 months:
Comments or additional statistics you think would be valuable to our report?
Company Information (This information is for tracking only and will not be shared):
Company Name:
Industry Represented or NAICS Code:
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