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Visiting McMinnville, Oregon

With a critically acclaimed wine scene, a nationally recognized historic main street, and countless farm-to-fork restaurants, people love to visit McMinnville all times of the year. Whether you're looking for the biggest U.F.O festival in the West or for the nation's largest Turkey BBQ, there's always something to do in our community. 

McMinnville residents gather for the UFO Festival parade
Community members and visitors stand watching the UFO Festival Parade on McMinnville's main street.

The Heart of Oregon Wine Country

You might be looking to visit McMinnville before deciding if you would like to move your business or family here. Luckily, McMinnville has numerous lodging options, activities to keep everyone entertained, and several tasty options to inspire your culinary palate. Watch this video produced by Visit McMinnville, our official tourism agency, and visit their website to learn about some of the activities and options for your trip to McMinnville. 

For complete travel McMinnville area information, check out Visit McMinnville Oregon.


"I like McMinnville because you can drive an hour or three and be where you want to be. You can be in the ocean, you can be in the mountains, you can be in the high desert, you can be fishing the Columbia. But you still get to live day to day in a small town family community and that’s a blessing that most people won’t ever experience."

– Heather Sorenson, Director and Compliance Officer, NWUAV

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