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The Career Bound Program

Career Bound Pathways

The Career Bound Program connects graduating high school seniors with full-time local summer positions and internships at companies throughout Yamhill County. 

The program specifically targets students who do not plan to attend 4-year colleges directly after high school, providing them a direct professional work opportunity to explore their options.

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Apply to host site for the summer of 2020


Apply to multiple summer positions with one application


Learn about the pilot year of the Career Bound Program


Host a Career Bound Intern

The application to become a Host Site for the Summer of 2020 is now OPEN. All businesses and organizations in Yamhill County are welcome to apply to be a part of the Career Bound Program for recent high school graduates.

Interested in hosting a collegiate intern? Visit our McMinnville WORKS Internship Program Page

Requirements to host a Career Bound position 

  • Be able to hire a graduated senior at (at least) minimum wage starting in June 2020
  • Have an employee willing to mentor the Career Bound participant 
  • Help the Career Bound participant understand future career paths in your field/their position

MEDP takes care of...

  • Marketing all the internship positions
  • Receiving and organizing all applications
  • Facilitating the program including a pre-employment training conference 
  • Creating marketing materials for the program

Career Bound positions can take shape as a summer internship, temporary job, or seasonal employment. The purpose of a Career Bound position is to help integrate high school graduates into the workforce while exposing young people to career paths available, including those in the skilled trades. Career Bound is marketed to graduating high school seniors who are not planning to attend four-year colleges immediately after high school. If you are interested in hiring a college-aged student to complete a project-based internship, please visit our McMinnville WORKS Internship Program page.

Apply for a Career Bound Summer Position

The application to apply for the 2020 Career Bound Program opens January 2020.  2020 graduating seniors can complete the application form now to be considered for Summer 2020 positions.  Once applications are completed, Host Sites will receive them in March and will process for interviews with the selected candidates hired for Career Bound positions by early May. The Career Bound program has a variety of positions available ranging from construction to fabrication, sales to caregiver, manufacturing to marketing and more. One application lets you apply for all available positions.

This program gives participants the opportunity to complete a full-time, paid summer position in a job with growth opportunities while connecting with local companies, other young professionals, and while learning professional skills from community leaders.  The Career Bound program runs mid-June through mid-August with start and end dates varying by employer.  Pre-Employment Training will be held after selection has been made mid-June.  (To note:  Some of our Host Companies have highly encouraged the attainment of a Driver's License for consideration of employment).

Complete the Career Bound Application Form today to be considered for the Summer 2020 program. 

Deadline to apply is February 21, 2020.

Current list of Career Bound Opportunities for Summer 2020.

Short Job Description for Summer 2020 Opportunities, as of 2.5.20.

Curious what past positions have looked like in the Career Bound Program?

Meet our 2019 Career Bound Interns.

Learn more about how you can achieve financial and personal growth through Career Ladders in the following Industries:

Career Ladder examples are based on local companies who offered positions to high school graduates in 2019.



Internet Services

Organic Food Processing

Health Services

Waste Management



Learn more about Career Bound Year Zero here.

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