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Invest in the Future of McMinnville

We stand with business leaders, elected officials, and you to grow and strengthen our community. Join us by becoming a part of our Investor Circle. 

Ready to invest in McMinnville's future? Invest here.

With your investment you are supporting work that helps retain and attract businesses to McMinnville. MEDP's work since it's inception in 2006 includes: 





1,328+ Jobs Retained

2,116+ Business Consultations

80+ Site Selector Visits

760+ Company Meetings

MEDP was founded, by McMinnville Industrial Promotions, McMinnville Water & Light, the City of McMinnville, and the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce. 

Today, we are inviting you to become an investor in our continued commitment to McMinnville’s business community. As an investor in MEDP, you will have an immediate impact -- ensuring our ability to continue our strategic retention, expansion and recruitment initiatives in McMinnville. Invest now.

Our Core Focus

MEDP continually looks for valuable programs and innovative solutions to our companies' challenges while giving them the resources to seize opportunities. Your investment ensures the continuation of MEDP's programs, including: 

Promoting the growth and success of local businesses and industries.

Connecting companies with innovative workforce solutions.

Helping companies expand or locate in McMinnville.

Investor Levels

INNOVATOR* - ($5,000+) You believe in business strategies that embrace innovation and collaboration. 

ENGINEER* - ($2,500+) You trust in strategic partnerships that influence high performance solutions. 

FABRICATOR* - ($1,000+) You believe in forging a network of relationships that support the bottom line. (Suggested for financial entities)

CONVEYOR - ($500+) You trust in progressive thinking and strong actions. (Suggested for realtors and resource partners)

COLLABORATOR - ($150+) You support and value our partnerships, goals and endeavors. (Suggested for individuals, consultants, and contractors)

(* Fabricator Level and above receive special VIP opportunities)

Ready to invest in McMinnville's future? Invest here.

Want to learn more about how you can personalize your investment, please contact us by calling 503.474.6814 or emailing 

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