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Host A Facility Tour Form

Thank you for your interest in connecting and collaborating with our community and the region by offering to host a McMinnville | MADE Tour at your facility.  MEDP will handle all coordination arrangements, we just ask you to open your doors to showcase the amazing products you make and provide the tour guide.

YES, I would like to host a tour at my facility.
First Name:
Last Name:
Please select the type of tour you would prefer to host (select all that apply):
  VIP Tour - business and government leaders
  Educational Tour - College Students
  Educational Tour - High School Students
  Educational Tour - Middle School Students
  Educational Tour - Elementary School Students
Tour Timing Preference:
NOTE:  If K-12 Educational Tours were selected please list date/time preferences during the school year, Mid-September through Mid-June.
I have specific date options in mind: 
I have general month/s in mind:
Time of Day preference:
Length of tour (one hour or other):
I have exact time preferences (ie: 3:00-4:00pm):
Facility Tour Requirements:  
Please outline any requirements from background check forms to closed toed shoes as necessary.
List of requirements:
Please comment on any specific interests, questions or goals that you would like as a part of your tour.
Additional Educational / Workforce Interest?
I also have interest in being a guest speaker in a classroom or offering informational interviews, please comment on specific interests:


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