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MEDP 2024 Awards Nomination Form

Please complete the following form to be nominated to MEDP's 2024 McMinnovation Awards Program. 
Nominations are due by August 23, 2024. You may self-nominate.
Awards will be announced at MEDP's Annual Event on October 2, 2024.  

Nominations are open for: 

The McMinnville Maker of the Year
Traded sector companies nominated for the Maker of the Year Award should be located in McMinnville and have completed something in the past year that has created a beneficial impact internally or externally. Examples could include completing a recent project such as demonstrating company growth by expansion, showcasing operational excellence such as conducting a LEAN Manufacturing analysis, highlighting innovation in technology integration or sustainability practices, leadership in talent management by creating a better company culture and or demonstrated corporate community service engagement, and more.

Start-up of the Year
Companies nominated for the Startup Award should be located in McMinnville, are a for-profit company, have been in business less than five years, and have fewer than 50 employees. They should demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, fortitude, and their business should demonstrate the potential for beneficial impact upon our local economy.  Companies from any industry will be considered for this award.

Kelly McDonald Business Leader of the Year
Individual/s nominated for The Leader of the Year award should be located within McMinnville’s traded sector business community.  They should be individuals who exemplify qualities of great leadership, whether it be as a pioneer in their field, putting innovative business practices or workforce development programs into place, through their commitment to the McMinnville community, and more.  The recipient leads a business with the highest ethical standards defined by:

  • Leadership demonstrated
  • Dedicated commitment to positive community involvement.
  • Demonstrated business excellence.
  • Development of a desirable workplace culture and enviable place to work.


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