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MEDP Introduces:

NEXT: Strategic Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing



MEDP is proud to introduce a C Level Solution Series in 2017: 

Join us in support of our local and regional manufacturers and what comes NEXT for their executive teams in terms of rapidly changing industry trends and workforce opportunities. 

MEDP has heard the needs of our advanced manufacturing community and is bringing in the experts to lead a focus driven series addressing the issues our local manufacturers have identified as their pain points in the cost of doing business.

The Speakers: 


Gary Conner is a Senior Consultant at the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) who specializes in Lean manufacturing training. Gary has written multiple award winning books on lean manufacturing principles and has won the Shingo Prize twice: once in 2002, and again in 2015 for his book 'Lean Epiphanies.'


Shawn Busse is the CEO of Kinesis, Inc., a marketing firm and Lighthouse Award winner (1 of Portland’s 100 fastest-growing companies, 5 years in a row) named one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. Shawn helps SMBs connect marketing, HR, finance, and employee engagement to improved company performance.

The Series:

Session One (03/07/17): Vision and Strategy

This session will define the critical steps necessary in preparing a team for an operational excellence transformation. Besides understanding how to use the many techniques in the ‘lean toolbox’, there is a significant need to create a unified and communicated vision. The stresses of change on the system and on team members will also be addressed. This session will provide time tested tools to overcome the challenges of static organizational inertia and the effects of change. 

Session Two (04/04/17): Cost and Delivery

“Cheap – Good – Fast…Pick Any Two”. 

This tongue in cheek poster adorns the wall of many offices. Sophisticated customers have come to appreciate that they can get all three (‘Cost - Quality – Delivery) from world class suppliers. Organizations unwilling to adequately address these three key business principles will soon find themselves left off of their customer’s preferred vendor list. Through hands-on experience, case studies and live simulation participants will gain an understanding of the techniques collectively referred to as ‘Lean Thinking’.

Session Three (05/02/17): Quality and Smart Talent 

In addition to exploring practical and universally applicable Six Sigma techniques, this session will deal with the last and possibly most variable element, people. OMEP’s Smart Talent program is a time tested method to effectively capture and control knowledge from those who hold the information and then efficiently transfer that knowledge to those who need it.

Session Four (06/06/17): Talent Engine – The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining the Best of the Best

With a shrinking talent pool and mounting industry recruitment challenges, the need for right-fit employees has become more important than ever. How can an organization compete for skilled talent to grow and maintain a healthy workforce? Hear how to uncover recruitment’s best-kept secret. 


Sponsorship Levels:

Innovator: $2,500 

As our top level innovator sponsor you will receive 

  • 2 tickets to the series
  • The opportunity to welcome guests and introduce speakers at each session
  • Logo and name recognition throughout all our marketing avenues
  • An opportunity to provide attendees a logo'd gift item

Engineer: $1,250 

As an engineer sponsor you will receive 

  • 1 ticket to the series
  • The opportunity to provide short remarks at lunch
  • Logo and name recognition throughout all our marketing avenues
  • An opportunity to provide attendees a logo'd gift item

Fabricator: $750

As a fabricator sponsor you will receive

  • 1 ticket to the series
  • Logo and name recognition throughout all our marketing avenues
  • The opportunity to provide attendees a logo'd gift item

A sponsorship in the NEXT Series is a sponsorship of our local economy. 

To become a sponsor of the NEXT Series, please email or call 971.242.8777

Learn more about NEXT: Strategic Solutions for Advanced Manufacturing.


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