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Host Site Application

Please complete the following form to become a Host Site for the 2019 McMinnville WORKS Summer Internship Program.

Company Name:

Main Contact:
Phone Number:


1)  Has your company ever participated in an internship program before?


2)  Are you able to hire an intern full-time at minimum wage for a 9 week internship program (June 10 - Aug 9, 2019)?

3)  Do you have an employee willing to mentor an intern?
4)  Do you have the office/floor space to house an intern?

5)  Are you able to host a half-day seminar for McMinnville WORKS interns (15-20) at your location?  (Following each seminar, we encourage a company tour.)

6)  Does your company have any age restrictions or special requirements for employment? If yes, please describe:

7)  How many interns are you planning to host?

8)  What will their position/project focus be? (ie:  Marketing, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sales, Social Media, Event Planning, etc.)

9)  Briefly describe how you heard about this opportunity?

MEDP serves as the internship program manager responsible for marketing the internship positions, developing and screening the applications, developing intern candidate packets, managing the nine weekly Professional Development Workshops, collecting data, creating marketing information and hiring the internship program coordinator.

Each Host Site has a $300 participation fee per intern to cover the cost of program administration. Host sites are billed in May 2019. If you would like to discuss other options, please contact our office. 

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