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Nominate a Company for MEDP's 2019 Annual Awards!

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Since 2007, MEDP has been recognizing the outstanding companies and individuals that contribute to the growth of our local economy through best business practices, workforce development, and a positive company outlook. This year, MEDP is accepting nominations for three of our Annual Awards: Manufacturer of the Year, Manufacturing Leader of the Year, and StartUp of the Year.

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Manufacturer of the Year

Companies nominated for the Manufacturer of the Year Award should be located in McMinnville and have completed something in the past year that has created a beneficial impact internally or externally. Examples could include completing a recent project such as a demonstrating company growth by expansion, showcasing operational excellence such as conducting a LEAN Manufacturing analysis, highlighting innovation in technology integration or sustainability practices, leadership in talent management by creating a better company culture and or demonstrated corporate community service engagement, and more.

2018 - Ferrum Technology

2017 - Organic Valley
2016 - Ultimate RB
2015 - Freelin-Wade Co.

2014 - Applied Physics Technologies  
2013 - Solid Form Fabrication
2012 - Betty Lou's, Inc.
2011 - NWUAV
2010 - World Class Technology

2009 - Meggitt Polymers & Composites
2008 - Cascade Steel Rolling Mills
2007 - Amerson Precision Sheet Metal


Manufacturing Leader of the Year

Individual/s nominated for The Manufacturing Leader of the Year award should be located in McMinnville’s traded sector.  They should be individuals who exemplify qualities of great leadership, whether it be as a pioneer in their field, putting innovative business practices or workforce development programs into place, their commitment to the McMinnville community, and more.

2018 - Deven Paolo and Keath Paolo, Solid Form

2017 - Heather Harris, NW Rapid Mfg. 
2016 - Shon Holyfield & Shahab Emrani, TTR
2015 - Rolf Hagelganz, World Class Technology

2014 - Peter Kircher, Golden Valley Brewery Restaurant  
2013 - Jeff Dyck, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills
2012 - Jeremy Lodge, Meggitt Polymers & Composites
2011 - Dave Miles, UFP/D Stake Mill
2010 - Chris Harris, NWUAV

2009 - Betty Lou Carrier, Betty Lou's, Inc.
2008 - Lori Payne, BASi
2007 - Sherl Hill, Freelin-Wade Co.


Startup of the Year

The Startup Award is a new award which will be presented for the first time in 2019. Companies nominated for the Startup Award should be located in McMinnville, have started operations since October 1, 2018, and have fewer than 50 employees. They should demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, fortitude and their business should demonstrate the potential for beneficial impact upon our local economy.  Companies from any industry will be considered for this award. 


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Deadline for Nominations is Monday, September 9, 2019.


MEDP will also present awards at our Annual Event for:

Board of Directors Outstanding Partner of the Year

Workforce Partner of the Year

Tech Terroir Award


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