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MEDP Moves to a New Office

Jul 7, 2017

Community Development Center

(MCMINNVILLE, OR) - As of Monday, July 10, 2017 the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP) will be moving offices from 417 NW Adams Street, McMinnville Oregon, to 231 NE 5th St, McMinnville Oregon. The new offices will be located in the McMinnville Community Development Center and will be located in the same building as the City of McMinnville’s Planning and Engineering Departments.

Executive Director, Jody Christensen, is optimistic that the move will provide clarity that MEDP stands as an independent entity that functions separately from any other organizations. This solidification of MEDP as an independent organization is important to help partners and investors recognize MEDP’s program and services as a function of the economic development partnership. MEDP is a public-private partnership, meaning the organization operates under an existing board of partners, rather than as a subset of a stand-alone entities.

Economic development organizations are dedicated to the economic vitality of the areas they serve. MEDP serves McMinnville, Oregon and focuses on economic development of the city by seeking new opportunities for the community as well as helping to retain, expand, and recruit businesses. MEDP also strives to create new partnerships and to be a voice for local business leaders.

MEDP’s mission is to advance strategies that respond to the needs of McMinnville’s traded-sector businesses. The organization delivers on this promise through their three pillars, McMinnville | MADE, McMinnville | SITES, and McMinnville | WORKS. MADE programs focus on retaining existing traded-sector businesses through programs and resources connections. SITES focuses on helping companies locate or expand in McMinnville through programs like Opportunity Tours as well as Site Selector Visits and by developing resources such as the organization's Properties webpage, which lists existing commercial and industrial sites available in McMinnville. WORKS programs are dedicated to connecting companies with innovative workforce solutions. An example of this is MEDP’s award-winning McMinnville WORKS Internship Program.

As MEDP moves into new offices, they are also revealing new ways for businesses to connect with and show support for the organization. With MEDP’s Investor Circle, companies, organizations, and individuals can invest in MEDP to show support for the programs as well as help sustain economic vitality in the city of McMinnville. Please or call us at 503.474.6814 for more details.


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