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McMinnville's hitting home runs with Oregon TEAMs

How the TEAMs help our manufacturers.

The Oregon TEAMs are collaborative, statewide partners investing in industry-focused business development. We are on the TEAM Oregon Food Processing and Advanced Manufacturing to help our companies take advantage of growth opportunities. The TEAMs have a line-up of industry experts, strategic thinkers and visionaries – and we connect our local companies to every single resource.

For example,  on the Food Processing team, we successfully nominated home-grown Dundee Fruit Company to be one of six Oregon companies showcased in a collaborative booth at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim. To give some perspective, there are approximately 4,000 companies from around the US and world that exhibit at Expo West with an estimated attendance between 50,000 and 60,000. The TEAM covered over $25,000 in expenses for the show. Dundee Fruit Company featured their new salsa line and received a number of qualified leads. We invest in the TEAM so our companies can score more home runs.

On TEAM Oregon Food Processing since 2011 and now leading TEAM Oregon Advanced Manufacturing, MEDP is commitment to building better connections and elevating opportunities for our local manufacturers. 


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