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Local open-source business software developer OregonERP wins High Impact Opportunity Project Grant

Jan 28, 2021

 Buildable at MEDP Awards
From left to right: Buildable Founder & CEO Max de Lavenne and Business Development Associate Miles Oliveira receive the MEDP 2020 Tech Terroir Award from Executive Director Scott Cooper. 


(MCMINNVILLE, OR) - Last month, Business Oregon awarded OregonERP, a project developed by McMinnville-based software company Buildable and in conjunction with local economic development groups (OMEP, SEDCOR, MEDP), $211,250 in High Impact Opportunity Project (HIOP) grant funding. 

The funds will be used to complete the final two phases of development, including implementation, marketing, and commercialization. 

Open source software, as opposed to proprietary software, allows anyone with the source code to inspect, modify, and enhance the program. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an integrated system businesses use to manage internal and external resources, including assets, cashflow, materials, human resources, and more. An open-source ERP made available to regional manufacturers will offer a competitive advantage and give them a valuable resource in a crucial time of growth. 

Abisha Stone, Yamhill County Business Retention and Expansion Manager for SEDCOR says this software could be the key to long-term growth for many local businesses. “Too often, businesses with great products fail simply because they don’t have access to accurate information about their process. We believe all manufacturers, regardless of their size, should have access to a tool that helps them understand all of their costs so they enter the market at the right price.” 

OregonERP will best serve Oregon’s small to medium-sized manufacturers, a vital component in Oregon’s economic engine. The roughly 6,200 manufacturing businesses in Oregon currently employ over 200,000 people and make up 21% of the state’s Gross State Product. 5,000 of those businesses employ 20 or fewer people. 

“This will have a really meaningful impact on the manufacturing community, not only in Yamhill County but across the State.” said Scott Cooper the Executive Director of McMinnville Economic Development Partnership. “Buildable has been able to research and develop an open source ERP platform that is affordable, accessible, and community supported.”

Currently, manufacturers of this size do not have access to a high-quality, affordable, and functional ERP. Traditional ERP’s may charge between $75,000 to $750,000 per year. When completed, OregonERP will cost clients under $12,000. And since the software is open-source, it can be easily customized. 

Local businesses interested in participating in a pilot program should contact Abisha Stone or Scott Cooper for additional information. 

Scott Cooper, Executive Director, McMinnville Economic Development Partnership | 503.474.6814

Abisha Stone, Yamhill County Business Retention and Expansion Manager, SEDCOR | 503.507.4175

Additional Information about OregonERP can be found at


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