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Letter from the Executive Director - Q2 2024

Apr 18, 2024

Headshot of Patty HerzogHello MEDP Partners,

Ever wondered what makes a community thrive? It's the people, businesses, and groups coming together with a shared sense of belonging. In McMinnville, our community spirit shines bright thanks to the amazing volunteers who give their time selflessly.

Recently, Jeri White from The Plastic Project shared some inspiring words at a Zero Waste speaker series. She talked about the joy of volunteering and got us all fired up about making a difference.

Finding the space where community need and personal interests and skills meet, the team at MEDP donned our masquerade masks to support the annual fundraiser for A Family Place. Personally, as a community college graduate, I’m inspired to serve on the Chemeketa Foundation board. I’m also looking forward to learning and serving as a new appointee to the McMinnville Airport Commission.

Volunteering is what holds us together, making our community stronger and more connected. Whether it's helping people, animals, or organizations, every act of kindness counts. Volunteers bring passion, skills, and energy to everything they do, from arts and culture to sports. They're the heart and soul of our community, doing everything from coaching to organizing events.

But volunteering isn't just about helping others; it's about personal growth and making friends too. It's about building a network of support and teaching our kids the value of giving back.

And the impact of volunteering goes beyond just warm feelings—it's good for the economy too. By pitching in, volunteers contribute billions to the economy, supporting local businesses and nonprofits. In the most recent report of the Value of Volunteer Time by Independent Sector, an hour of volunteer time in Oregon is estimated at $32.37. If we think of the tremendous dedication of hours by our City Councilors and fellow McMinnvillians that serve on city boards, commissions, and various nonprofit organizations, it is an incredible local economic impact.

So, how can you get involved? It's easy! Think about what interests you and what skills you have to offer. Check out opportunities with the City of McMinnville, the News Register’s Helping Hands, or local organizations like the McMinnville Downtown Association and the McMinnville Habitat for Humanity. Then, dive in and make a difference.

Volunteering isn't just a way to help others; it's a way to strengthen our community and make our town an even better place to live. So why not join in and be part of the change?



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