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Jan 19, 2024

January 2024
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Letter from the Executive Director

Here We Are in the Future
I recently received an email that started, “…here we are in the future....2024.” It’s a new year and the future is now and while every year is special, 2024 has some big things ahead. What is so great about 2024? Let me offer three inspiring things to look forward to:

  • Leap Year - this is the year February has an extra day in the month.
  • NASA's Artemis 2 mission to the Moon that will take astronauts further into space than ever before.
  • The Summer Olympics will take place in Paris with the theme "Live together, play together."

We're drawing inspiration from these events to impact the work we do each day. Read the full letter.

Breaking Ground to Expand Production

Ground breaking event at New Energy Works

“We live in timber country, so it was natural for us to build our new facility out of wood: timbers, walls, even the insulation!” Jonathan Orpin, New Entergy Works Founder & CEO, was thoughtful in each piece of the planning for the new 20,000 square-foot production facility expansion coming to the McMinnville Industrial Park. The expansion will add new cutting-edge CNC equipment, offices, and production space to the existing campus.

“This new sustainably built facility will help our team better serve our clients nationwide as well as benefit the local McMinnville community,” Jonathan Orpin continues, “By increasing our production capacity and service offerings with new state of the art European CNC equipment and production space we will be able to grow our footprint in the region, and offer expanded employment opportunities in the years to come.” The employee-owned company designs, crafts, and builds sustainable timber frame custom homes, commercial buildings, and high-performance enclosures throughout North America. The McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (MEDP) is thrilled to see them expand their facility in McMinnville in 2024.

Read the full press release.

Collaborating to Create More Workforce Development Resources

A recent business listening forum

A partnership between the City of McMinnville and MEDP, MEDP launched a 12-month initiative to create and implement a data-informed action plan that will create sustainable workforce development programs and resources for local businesses. As part of the process, Craig Brockett, Workforce Development Project Management Contractor with MEDP, has begun working with local businesses and employers to learn about their struggles in workforce development since the COVID-19 pandemic. As Craig says, “We aim to identify ways community resources, educational institutions, and workforce development initiatives can be effectively leveraged by employers and job seekers to foster sustainable economic growth in McMinnville.”

You may have seen messaging for a local business survey and listening forums from MEDP. These forums and surveys are an important part of gaining insight across industries. “Surveys enable us to engage with a diverse group of business owners and facilitate swift responses to complex issues, while also enabling data analysis across industry-specific issues. Listening forums and individual meetings provide an avenue for narrative responses that survey data alone may not fully capture, encompassing historical context, personal experiences, and a more profound understanding of challenges.” Craig also acknowledges, “It is crucial to engage with underserved and marginalized businesses to ensure an inclusive and equitable representation in our assessments.” Once completed, these results will be used to create a platform tailored for employees and job seekers to continue providing input and collaborating for the best results. MEDP will also create a data-driven action plan to create further workforce development deliverables.

Missed the survey or forums? Take the survey now and see the MEDP event calendar for upcoming listening forums. Business owners and employers are still encouraged to participate by contacting Craig. Give him a call at 702.810.8406 or by emailing

A Bright Future at Linfield University - Innovation at Work

Pioneer Building at Linfield

“A liberal arts education is the perfect base for entrepreneurs given the importance placed on interdisciplinary, experiential learning,” comments Assistant Professor Sean Muir, the Director of Innovation and Technology at Linfield University, “It is this perspective that has inspired all our efforts.” Located in McMinnville, Linfield University has begun ramping up its efforts surrounding innovation in a number of ways. Led by Sean, Dean Jennifer Madden from the Linfield School of Business, Vice President Joseph Hunter from Linfield University Advancement, and Mike Wenz, Linfiled's CFO. Linfield has made connections within the community to encourage entrepreneurship on campus and in McMinnville, including with MEDP’s own Executive Director, Patty Herzog, Dave Haugeberg with the McMinnville Area Community Foundation, City of McMinnville representatives Heather Richards and Jody Christensen, and McMinnville Industrial Promotions representatives Teresa Smith and Tom Tankersley.

One of these efforts includes creating a Design & Innovation Center on campus that would provide a space for local entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of creating a business to work, test ideas, and begin launching products to markets. This project is an expansion of MEDP's work on the regional Launch Mid-Valley effort to support innovation and entrepreneurship in Yamhill County. According to Sean, “The “Linfield Launch Lab” idea is one way we thought we could create a win-win situation where students get access to new internships, mentorships, and experiential learning opportunities while entrepreneurs can get access to affordable, flexible space and talented, motivated students and faculty.” While the Launch Lab (name still pending) is in the beginning stages of development, working with partners like MEDP, Linfield hopes to confirm a location for the innovation center soon and start creating a space for local entrepreneurs to collaborate and work.

Beyond the Launch Lab, Linfield is also providing a variety of ways for students to get involved in learning about innovation and entrepreneurship, whether through their classes or more hands-on methods through internships, an entrepreneurship speaker series, and networking opportunities.

Speaking of networking opportunities, students and locals alike can find MEDP’s LMV Coffee Club for Startups & Entrepreneurs events every third Tuesday of the month at the Nicholson Library from 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Make sure to follow along on MEDP’s FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram page for updates on these events and more! Learn more about Launch Mid Valley programming.


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